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Legal Notice

Company name:

Ravensburger Verlag GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
88214 Ravensburg

E-mail: [email protected]

Company management: 
Dr. Anuschka Albertz, Thomas Bleyer, Susanne Knoche, Dr. Thomas Redemann

Register court/Register number: 
Ulm District Court HRB 551355

Sales tax number: 

Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
88214 Ravensburg

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +49 - (0) 751 - 86 0
Fax: +49 - (0) 751 - 86 13 11
(Please do not use this telephone / fax number for service requests.)

Service center:
You can contact our service team using the service form or on the following telephone/fax numbers:
Phone: +49 - (0) 751 - 86 17 17
Fax: +49 - (0) 751 - 86 18 18

Privacy Policy and Data protection declaration

As of: December 2021

All online game variations of kNOW! are played with the Google Assistant. Some game variations additionally use so called actions which were programmed specifically for kNOW! and extend the functionalities of the Google Assistant. The following game variations are played with the Google Assistant (without our Ravensburger actions): Up 2 Three, Great Question!, Guesswork, Quick on the Draw and Tripped Up. All other game variations require additional Ravensburger actions.

When using Google Assistant and Ravensburger actions your data is protected in the following ways:

Data processing by Google

Google Assistant is provided and operated by Google LLC. Whenever you use your Google Assistant, Google LLC collects and processes data.

This data is primarily the voice data recorded by Google Assistant which is being analysed and transformed into text data. This text data is used in order to further process your request – i.e. when you play kNOW! in order to process your answer to the quiz question. Depending on the question, Google Assistant may in some cases access your device location to provide responses that are specific to your location.

In addition, Google will save your responses on Google Assistant (voice and text) in a personal activity log for your Google account, and your use of Google Assistant will also be included in the creation of anonymous statistics. As the owner of your Google account, you have the option to delete the history of your personal activity log.

For further information on data processing by Google, go to

Data processing by Ravensburger

The Ravensburger actions are provided and operated by Ravensburger Verlag GmbH. Whenever you use the Ravensburger action, Ravensburger Verlag GmbH collects and processes data.

Google provides Ravensburger with access to the above text data that is then processed by a Ravensburger action to answer the quiz question. Ravensburger will not save or use this data in any other way.

Google also provides Ravensburger with access to the anonymous statistics mentioned above to enable Ravensburger to draw conclusions regarding usage of its actions and to optimise its service. Ravensburger will not save or use this data in any other way.

For further information on data processing by Ravensburger please go to:

If you have any questions or criticisms on the topic of data protection or if you would like to exercise your rights listed below, you are welcome to contact us at info@ You can reach our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] or at our postal address listed below, adding “Data Protection officer” to the address.

When you email us, we will store the details you provide (your email address, and possibly your name and phone number) to answer your questions. We will delete your details as soon as they are no longer required, or else will limit their use if necessary to comply with legal retention requirements.

Additional GDPR information

The Controller under Art. 4(7) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is

for Google Assistant:
Google Ireland Limited
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4, Ireland

for Ravensburger Action:
Ravensburger Verlag GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
88214 Ravensburg

You have the following rights regarding your personal details: Right to request,
Right to rectification or erasure,
Right to restriction of processing,
Right to object to processing,
Right to data portability.

You also have the right to complain to a data protection authority about our processing of your personal data.